Why Live in a 50 Shades of Grey World?

50 Shades of Grey makes me see red. How is it that—smack dab in the middle of the #metoo movement—Hollywood can put out a film depicting pornography, and women are flocking to the theater for a third time(!) to see it?

Are we that hopeless as a society?

Finding out about the movie’s release made me want to rant and curse Hollywood (yet again) and throw my hands up in defeat.

But then I remembered something.

It only takes a little bit of light to dispel the darkness.

Why Live in a 50 Shades of Grey World?

What a better way to chase away grey skies than a little bit of sunshine? If I can’t speak words of light into a dark world about this topic, then who can?
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What Is It That Makes Larry Nassar’s Case Sensational?

Sometimes I get caught up in the fight for justice. It seems like there’s always a story about someone who’s abused, oppressed, or used for selfish gain. I spend a lot of time watching the headlines for a tidbit about a court case or another #metoo story.

Larry Nassar attacked by Randall Mangraves; Rachel Denhollander victim impact statement
Copyright: Elnur / 123RF Stock Photo

Larry Nassar’s criminal sentencing hearings have been gold. Just yesterday, I watched a video of a distraught father try to assault the defendant right in front of the judge.

It was like an episode of Judge Judy meets Jerry Springer. (Click here to watch—language alert).

Is it bad that I enjoyed it a little too much?

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Joy Suckers: How to Avoid the Comparison Trap

It was the nicest house I’d ever lived in. And it was all ours!

Joy Suckers: How to avoid the comparison trap
*Stock photo (Not my actual home)

When the realtor gave us the keys, I stood in the living room with a bucket of cleaning supplies in one hand, taking in the high ceiling, fireplace, and gorgeous wood floors.

As I dusted and polished the floors to a shine, I thought about some of the places I’d lived—a rusted out double-wide with peeling linoleum. An attic room with no heat or air conditioning. A one-bedroom apartment for three people. How wonderful to live in such a beautiful place!

I overflowed with thankfulness for three bedrooms and a bonus—and three bathrooms. (Oh, the bliss of so much bathroom space with teenage girls.)

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Joy Suckers: How Do I Deal With Negative People?

This morning I’m sitting in my cozy office, with a candle burning and a hot cup of coffee. The only sounds I hear are the contented sighs of my cat and soft snores of my Boston terrier. Joy Suckers: How Do I Deal With Negative People?

But outside, it’s not so comfy. From the office window, all I see are gloomy grey clouds and snow on the roofs from yesterday’s flurries. A little bit ago, I heard the front door close as my husband headed out for a walk, garbed with heavy winter coat, hat, and gloves. My weather app says it’s 21 degrees out there.

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Is Shame Keeping You From Your 2018 Fitness Goals?

Afraid to try and fail—again—another healthy eating and exercise plan?

Me too!

But we face those choices when we’re making goals for 2018. If you’re like me, it’s easier to think of other goals to focus on, rather than fitness goals. (“Hey, let’s read 100 books in 2018!” or “Let’s clean out every closet and get rid of every piece of clutter!”)

2018 fitness goalsSome of my readers know I started my journey out of a pit of despair back in 2014. I was depressed, anxious, and basically wished I didn’t have to walk around on this earth anymore.

I often had thoughts like these:

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How to Be Like Jesus: What Serving Does

We called her the Little General.

I was visiting my new boyfriend’s church one Sunday morning and felt a hand clamp my shoulder.

I turned around to find an older woman with bright eyes and a genuine smile.

“I wanted to meet you,” she said. 

I don’t remember what all she said to me in that short conversation, except for one thing.

“I’m the wedding coordinator around here, you know.” She gave me a conspiratorial wink.

I’m sure my eyes popped wide open and my jaw dropped two inches. Don’t say that so loud! We’ve only been dating for two months!

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Why #metoo Is More Powerful Than You Think

The TV at the gym was silent, but I headline across the bottom of the screen read, “The Harvey Weinstein Effect.”

When #metoo first materialized on social media, there were those who bemoaned the fact that it was merely the topic du jour and would fade away as quickly as that stupid “What color is this dress?” argument.

But it hasn’t. If anything, it’s picked up steam in all the major media outlets and Harvey Weinstein isn’t the only man whose despicable behavior is being called out and rightfully vilified.

There are others, and lots of them.
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