When Childhood Memories Emerge


When God began to heal me, I encountered many women’s stories much like mine. The realization that I was not alone brought comfort as I grieved the loss of my former stage identity.

Today I’d like to introduce Tanya Stewart, childhood trauma survivor and clinically trained Occupational Therapist. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her 11-year-old daughter. Her story is oh, so familiar. She was kind enough to answer many questions through email, and I wanted to share a little of her expertise with you today. (More to come in future posts.)

Photo courtesy of Tanya Stewart
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Waiting Eagerly


There’s a lot that goes on backstage the audience doesn’t see. Sound effects, lights, curtains, a scrim (a curtain-like drop that can either be opaque or transparent, depending on lighting), fog machines, pulleys, and levers all can be manipulated to give the audience a fantastic show. If the audience never notices the crew working the effects, then they’ve done their job flawlessly.

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In Remembrance of Me

What keeps you from the communion table this Passover, friend?6470136_s

If you’re like me, sometimes it’s shame. Even if we take the elements as they’re passed, we don’t feel like we’re really at the table. At best, we’re in the corner watching others break the bread and take the cup.
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Backstage Chat


Welcome! Pull up a stool to the props table and let me tell you how all this got started.

In 2014, I thought I was having a breakdown. Turns out, it was a breakthrough. God was trying to reach down and heal the deepest hurts of my past, hurts I’d long shut out in the dusty corners backstage.
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