How to Keep Your Kids Safe From Sexual Predators

Earlier this month, I blogged about Randall Margraves lunging at Larry Nassar, who’d pled guilty to sexually assaulting hundreds of young women and girls, including three of Margraves’ daughters. No one, not even the judge, had the heart to criticize his actions.

Most parents could feel the distraught father’s pain. Early on in my recovery from PTSD, I shared with my counselor about how angry I was feeling about being unprotected as a child. “If someone did that to one of my girls, they’d be in mortal danger.”

“I believe you,” he replied. (Good thing counselors aren’t obliged to report hypothetical threats. I might be writing this from a jail cell.)How to protect your child from sexual predators

Unfortunately, there aren’t any foolproof ways of preventing the horrible, yet all-too-common abuse that affects 1 out of 5 girls and 1 out of 20 boys before they turn 18.

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Why Live in a 50 Shades of Grey World?

50 Shades of Grey makes me see red. How is it that—smack dab in the middle of the #metoo movement—Hollywood can put out a film depicting pornography, and women are flocking to the theater for a third time(!) to see it?

Are we that hopeless as a society?

Finding out about the movie’s release made me want to rant and curse Hollywood (yet again) and throw my hands up in defeat.

But then I remembered something.

It only takes a little bit of light to dispel the darkness.

Why Live in a 50 Shades of Grey World?

What a better way to chase away grey skies than a little bit of sunshine? If I can’t speak words of light into a dark world about this topic, then who can?
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What Is It That Makes Larry Nassar’s Case Sensational?

Sometimes I get caught up in the fight for justice. It seems like there’s always a story about someone who’s abused, oppressed, or used for selfish gain. I spend a lot of time watching the headlines for a tidbit about a court case or another #metoo story.

Larry Nassar attacked by Randall Mangraves; Rachel Denhollander victim impact statement
Copyright: Elnur / 123RF Stock Photo

Larry Nassar’s criminal sentencing hearings have been gold. Just yesterday, I watched a video of a distraught father try to assault the defendant right in front of the judge.

It was like an episode of Judge Judy meets Jerry Springer. (Click here to watch—language alert).

Is it bad that I enjoyed it a little too much?

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