Reluctant Gardener: When God Grants an Unexpected Harvest

I let the garden go fallow this year so I could focus on writing goals. Tall weeds grew where I’d toiled over tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers last year. I’d get out there eventually to pull them, I told myself.

When God Grants an Unexpected Harvest, Garden, droughtBut my daughter came in from the backyard one morning with an announcement. “We have nine baby tomato plants!”

Sure enough, there were twice as many plants as I’d planted last year. Plus, a volunteer bell pepper plant.


Aside from pulling weeds and caging the tomato plants, I’ve done very little. I haven’t even had to water because it’s rained so much.

Yet, tall, strong plants bend over under the weight of so many green cherry tomatoes. White flowers atop the pepper plant promise fruit later in the season.

And that wasn’t the end of

When God Grants an Unexpected Harvest, garden, drought

my delightful discovery. In a pot that contained the stump of my dead majestic palm tree, a sprout stretched up toward the sunshine. Thinking it a weed, I examined it up close.

You can probably guess what I found. A baby majestic palm tree! “Hello, Groot,” I said.

Isn’t that like God to rain down His blessings even after I’d given up on the project?

That got me to thinking. I’ve had a lot of important things die. Dreams, passions…even hope.

After a long season of drought it’s tempting to give up on all of it.

If you’re there, friend, take heart.When God Grants an Unexpected Harvest, garden, drought

Even when we can’t see them, there are tiny dead seeds underground, waiting to burst through the soil and grow up, strong and tall, unfurling tender leaves toward the sun.

And a season is coming when rain will pour from the sky, giving those seedlings everything they need to bear an abundance of fruit. That thing you’d been working so hard to make happen unexpectedly comes back to life.

Do you have dead dreams? Hushed hope? Pooped-out passions? 

Or have you seen something resurrected in your life that took you by surprise? Please tell me about it in the comments. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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  1. This made me cry! I have a whole closet full of it! (I never did care for clothes). I recently discovered that God has given light to something I thought was dead but not because of my own doings. It is my ability to memorize large chunks of His word. I was inspired by Linda Brazil years ago with her memorizing the book of John, (we’ll most of it). That really hit home so I set out on the book of Hebrews. I got to somewhere in the middle when my hepatitis and cirrhosis brain issues started and then there were days that I didn’t know my name. I have very recently been given my memory back and am starting on book four in Hebrews. That being said and Praise the Lord, I will tell you those things that are of my choice are soon to gave the same makeover and revival and that makes me cry! Thank you and love you bunches

    1. Gail, this brought tears to my eyes. And I thank God your memory has been given back! He’s got big plans for the Word He’s planting in you–I can’t wait to see the harvest! And who knows how much the Kingdom has been impacted by Linda’s love for Scripture. She is the one who inspired me to love it as well. Praising the Lord with you, Gail!

  2. When my friend’s husband suddenly passed away a few weeks ago I was surprised and in deep pain. But it has been a season of amazing closeness in my relationship with my friend. We suddenly become best friends. My heart didn’t know I needed it until it happened. In the process we have both found fresh joy and renewal. Talk about growth where none was expected!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear of your friends’ husband’s passing. I’m sure you’ve been an amazing blessing as you walk through this hard time with her.

  3. Such an encouraging word, Lyneta. Thanks. I often don’t remember how many things were planted in me long ago that never saw the light of day. What joy when those “volunteers” unexpectedly pop up and come to life. This brings an expectation of sweet surprises soon to come.

    1. Terry, I love that! We should totally live with an “expectation of sweet surprises to come.” Thanks for commenting.

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