Light in the Darkness: How to Christmas

Light in the Darkness: How to Christmas
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Christmastime gives us the opportunity to catch a small glimpse of what God intended the world to be, when He created it in its perfect state.

For one moment, we can shut out the noise of controversy, suffering, and evil deeds, and turn our sights on the miraculous and holy. Instead of panning wide across a dirty, drafty stable, our eyes are drawn to a tiny bundle in a manger.

Darkness loses its power when we refuse to focus on its immensity.

Though seemingly insignificant, the manger scene is a tiny foreshadowing of the light that is to come, eradicating all darkness forever. One spark of hope impels us to fill up with light, thus making the world a brighter place.

Maybe Christmas isn’t just a word for a particular day after all. What if the actual designation is a verb?

Christmas [kris muh s]


  1. To shine as a beacon, proclaiming in the darkness that the faint flame is only an inkling of the glorious, everlasting Light to come.
Light in the Darkness: How to Christmas
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