Come in Out of the Shame


Can I just be real for a second?

man-316521_1280Last week a load of not good enough pelted me. It just started pouring in big stinky drops and wouldn’t stop. You ever have weeks like that?

Nothing specific stood out; I just felt like I was standing under flow of shame without an umbrella.

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Summer Reading: Three Recommendations

What’s on your summer reading list? 

If you’re on a healing journey similar to mine, or you know someone who is, I have a few recommendations for you.

Early in 2014, when I began having flashbacks to childhood trauma events, I ordered a pile of books from Amazon. One of those books was Not Marked, by Mary DeMuth. The rest were books on writing craft or Bible studies. I wasn’t ready to allow “sexually abused” be part of my identity yet, so it felt safer to receive it with a stack of other random books. I let it sit in the pile for a few weeks before reading it. From there, I discovered Kay Arthur and Joyce Meyer.



Not Marked helped me realize two life-changing things:
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