El Roi: The Way God Sees

“Who gives this woman?”

Image courtesy of Samantha Johnson, Monumental Moments Photography www.facebook.com/monumentalmomentsphotos
Image courtesy of Samantha Johnson, Monumental Moments Photography

We’ve all heard the pastor ask this question at the beginning of traditional wedding ceremonies. It’s customary for the father of the bride to say, “Her mother and I do.”
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Rahab: When Walls Crumble

Two spies shimmied down the high wall of the mighty city, gripping a rope hastily thrown out the window. Amidst their enemies, they had seen what they needed to know—the city was locked up tight. Jericho had stores of food and water, and plenty of soldiers to withstand a months-long siege against the feared Israelites.

Rahab helping the spies

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Five Blogs to Read if You Forget Who You Are

I’ve blogged about remembering who we are  before. It’s easy to forget when life gets busy or hard, or both.

James 118
James 1:18, LynetaSmith.com


The best way I’ve found to remember is to soak in verses of God’s word (like a bath–we need it daily!) that teach is who He says we are.

I’ve also compiled a list of writers I read regularly. Here are five blogs I recommend to help you seek out the truth of who God says we are.
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What a Boston Terrier Can Teach Us about Living Loved

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs. ~Anonymous


Twix, my Boston Terrier, knows deep down in his doggie heart that I love him unconditionally. In the five years since I’ve adopted him, he has exuded what it means to live loved.

No Shame

No matter who pays attention to him, his response is the same. He flips over onto his back and bares his belly. He’s not afraid to ask for a tummy rub, even from a stranger.

Twix can't resist a chance to bathe in the sun.
Twix can’t resist a chance to bathe in the sun.

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Kevin Buchanan, author of The World Needs Your Hustle

I’m pleased to welcome Kevin Buchanan, author of The World Needs Your Hustle, to the conversation today. That means put on your seatbelt, because we’re about to have a blast of inspiration and affirmation.

If you haven’t met him, you’ll want to check out his web site. He’s a high-energy ball of fun whose greatest joy in life is to help others fulfill their God-given purpose. Kevin is also a goal coach and motivational speaker.

Kevin Buchanan, author of The World Needs Your Hustle
Kevin Buchanan, author of The World Needs Your Hustle

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Journey Pink: Michelle Viscuse

MichelleViscuseHeadshotToday I have special guest Michelle Viscuse, who blogs over at Journey Pink: The Journey of a Princess in Need of a King.

Like so many who experienced childhood sexual abuse, Michelle grappled with feeling barely tolerated by Jesus. She writes about her journey from spiritual pauper to extravagantly loved princess, so that others, like us, can realize our role in God’s creation as prized treasures.

It’s common for those who experienced childhood abuse to feel shunned by God. We know in our heads that Jesus loves the world, but that truth never quite sinks into our hearts. As Michelle puts it, “Some girls were precious in His sight – but not me.”
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Antidote for Fear: God says, “You are Mine.”

But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!

Isaiah 43:1 (NASB)


IMG_0235The other morning when my kitten, Lucy, greeted me, I noticed she wasn’t wearing her collar. Being a safety collar, it isn’t hard to unclasp—one little tug and it snaps right off. Somehow, she had gotten it off during the night. I looked around but couldn’t find it.
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Saint Valentine: Love and Injustice

We live in an unjust world. No one knows this better than St. Valentine, the man for whom the holiday we’re celebrating is named.rome-714658_1280


Legend has it the priest refused to obey Roman Emperor Claudias’ decree forbidding marriages. Claudias believed more men would be willing to join the army and go off to war if they remained single. Believing Claudias’ decree to be unjust, Valentine secretly officiated weddings anyway.
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