A Father for the Fatherless: Learning to Trust God

This weekend we celebrate our fathers, father figures, and fathers of our children. Dads across the country will open ties, BBQ gear, and their cold beverage of choice, along with handcrafted cards out of construction paper, glue, and markers.

Father's day, Father, Dad, Trust, Heavenly Father, Father of the FatherlessBut if you’re like me, you’re also half-bracing yourself against the blast of Happy Father’s Day wishes this year. For whatever reason, thoughts of your father are less than happy. Whether he’s passed away or your relationship with him is painful, the day comes as a barrage of reminders about something you lack.

Many of us who’ve had a wrong understanding about the character of God—about who He is as our heavenly Father—derived those beliefs, whether consciously or unconsciously, from our relationships with our dads.
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Silence Isn’t Mercy: Undoing Duggar’s Damage to Society

I planned to post the next installment in my Fruit of the Spirit series today, but after reading about Josh Duggar’s lawsuit against In Touch Weekly, I can’t be silent. For the sake of all those who shut up and acted like everything was okay after enduring the crime of sexual predators, I’m going to throw my tiny voice out there and join a growing chorus of advocates.

Silence, Duggar, pedophile, In Touch, societyIf you’re not familiar with the story, Josh Duggar is requesting to join his sisters’ lawsuit against the magazine, which originally reported his molestation of them in 2015. They’re also suing the police department that released the reports, claiming that the police department and the magazine violated minors’ privacy rights, despite the fact that all minors’ names were redacted and never published.
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Fruit of the Spirit vs. Fruit of Idolatry: Love or Apathy

Fruit of the Spirit vs. Fruit of Idolatry: Love or Apathy

 I used to have such a wrong idea about the Fruit of the Spirit. I’d read the verses in Galatians like a laundry list of so many things I couldn’t do enough, be enough. I would either flip to another book of the Bible, or vow to work on being more loving, joyful, peaceful, kind, etc. But the next day, I wouldn’t even be able to list all nine.

This post is the second in a series on walking with God instead of pursuing idolatry. You’ll find the first one here.

I used to think the opposite of love is hate, but I’ve come to understand now that you can’t hate something unless you care about it, even a little bit. The true opposite of love is apathy. love, apathy, fruit of the spirit, idolatry
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Easter Joy: Is Jesus Enough?

Holidays tend to bring out discontentment in me like nothing else. If it’s not advertisements selling the latest and greatest in Easter decorations, then it’s Pinterest making me crazy with recipes and cutesy flower arrangements.joy, abundance, Jesus is enough

I know the Sunday school answer: Jesus is enough. But busyness steals my heart sometimes.

You too, friend?

If you find yourself in a decorating and cooking frenzy this holiday, take a deep breath, pour a cup of something hot and put your feet up for a minute. Let’s take a break from DOING Easter and simply celebrate it.
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Jesus Meets Us in Unexpected Places

Copyright: raikhel / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: raikhel / 123RF Stock Photo

Ever had one of those life-changing, eye-opening moments? I was reminded of mine as I read the story of Saul’s encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus.

As a Pharisee, he was among the most respected and revered among his fellow Israelites. As a student of Gamaliel, he had a top-notch religious education. As a Roman citizen and son of prominent Benjamite parents, he enjoyed much more privilege than the average Jerusalem dweller.

No doubt, he was on track for High Priest someday. He had everything going for him.

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Where Do We Find The Goodness of God Amidst the Chaos?

I’ve heard people say they can’t believe in a racist, misogynistic god who lets tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes destroy entire cities. Who lets so many in the world go hungry and without clean water. Who lets so many suffer. An uncaring god who turns an unsympathetic eye to mass shootings, lethal diseases, and endemic poverty.

Copyright: homeros / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: homeros / 123RF Stock Photo

I have to agree with them. I couldn’t (and don’t) believe in a god like that either. I believe that God is good, and that He wants nothing but good things for His creation.

But there was a time not long ago when I had forgotten all about the goodness of God. My emotional pain had wrapped me so tight that I was suffocating. There were times I literally couldn’t breathe it hurt so much, and yet the world seemed to go on like everything was fine. Read more

Who’s Calling?

Ever want to give up on a long-term dream or a huge goal? Maybe it’s homeschooling or losing a bunch of weight. Maybe it’s getting that record deal or learning a new language. Whatever it is, it’s likely you’ve been bogged down in the middle.

Even if you felt sure in the beginning you were called by God, you began to doubt He ever asked you to do this thing. You might have asked yourself why you even began in the first place. I’ve been there too.

This week, I have some encouragement for you. It’s from Peter and John’s example in Acts 4. 

“Get up! The chief priest wants to talk to you.” The jailer scowled at Peter and John as they slowly rose from the dirt floor, bodies stiff from their night of confinement.

Peter and John Arrested Photo credit: Sweetwater Publishing, Free Bible Images

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Christian Leaders: Stop Using Your Influence to Scare People into Voting a Certain Way

Every social media guru and marketing expert advises blog writers to stay on their chosen topic, especially avoiding topics like politics, sex, and religion, unless those subjects fit their platform. This goes double for polite conversations and mixed company.

I’m about to break the rules. II Peter 1:4-5

No doubt you’ve read more than you ever care to about the lewd video and personal testimonies displaying Trump’s nauseating brag fest about kissing and groping women against their will. If you’re like me, the thought of reading one more political post makes you want to hurl your phone out the window.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t about politics. I have no delusions that this post will change your mind about who you vote for November 8th. However, there are bigger issues for people who trust and follow Jesus to consider than the outcome of the 2016 election.
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What a Boston Terrier Can Teach Us about Living Loved

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs. ~Anonymous


Twix, my Boston Terrier, knows deep down in his doggie heart that I love him unconditionally. In the five years since I’ve adopted him, he has exuded what it means to live loved.

No Shame

No matter who pays attention to him, his response is the same. He flips over onto his back and bares his belly. He’s not afraid to ask for a tummy rub, even from a stranger.

Twix can't resist a chance to bathe in the sun.
Twix can’t resist a chance to bathe in the sun.

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